We’ll be kicking off with the ABB FIA Formula E Championship’s sixth season, which begins in November 2019. That’s when you’ll see the Vestas name accelerating around the track on the Mercedes-Benz EQ Silver Arrow. You’ll also spot the team tagline, “Powered by Vestas” around the track.

“It’s a fantastic, evolving sport that combines high-speed competition, cutting-edge technology, a passion for winning and – above all – a clear commitment to drive our society in a sustainable direction.” Henrik Andersen, CEO of Vestas.

Here at Vestas, we’re on a mission to help create a world powered by renewable, sustainable energy. We’ve been at the forefront of the global effort to make wind energy power our world and our economy. Now our future-focused approach to energy will meet the precise technology of Mercedes-Benz. The partnership allows us to open up the global conversation about renewable energy as the foundation of our energy system.

“It’s not just about creating an electric vehicle – it’s also about generating the electricity to power that vehicle in a sustainable, renewable manner. In that sense our partnership with Vestas is something which is truly authentic”

Ian James, Mercedes-Benz EQ Formula E Team.


It takes the Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrow around 2.8 seconds to accelerate from 0–100 km/h.


FanBoost: Fans can vote online to give their favourite driver an extra power boost during the race taking their power from 235kW to 250kW


The E-Prix lasts 45 minutes plus one lap.