S6_Marrakesch, Freitag - Stephen Reuß

On the back of a dramatic E-Prix in Mexico City last month, both drivers – Nyck De Vries and Stoffel Vandoorne – were raring for action in Marrakesh this weekend.

Nyck De Vries started the day on a strong foot, with a spot in the top six Super Pole after a solid fourth place in the qualifying round. Initially in P3 after the first lap of the race, Nyck again seemed poised for a positive result. However, he received a penalty for regenerating too much energy while braking, exceeding the limit allowed. This cost Nyck 18 seconds, and while he was able to regain some time over the remaining laps, he ultimately finished the E-Prix in P11.

Stoffel Vandoorne faced a difficult weekend from the outset, again starting in the first qualifying group, which landed him with a P17 grid position. He struggled to keep pace and get more power out of the car throughout the race, and was thereby unable to gain a significant number of positions, ultimately ending in P15.

“Today was not our luckiest of days,” noted Team Principal Ian James. After this weekend’s setbacks, the Team will need to investigate a number of questions, including the underlying reasons leading to Nyck’s energy penalty as well as Stoffel’s struggles to maintain power and stay on pace. However, the team principal and both drivers all expressed optimism at the opportunity to analyse and learn from the weekend ahead of the season’s remaining races.

With Marrakesh in the books, our Mercedes-Benz EQ Formula E Team is now in fifth place in the team ranking. Nyck De Vries is in thirteenth place in the drivers’ ranking, and Stoffel Vandoorne is in sixth overall. Vandoorne and also enjoyed a Fanboost again for the fifth race in a row– thank you to everyone who voted to give our drivers a boost on the track!

Given the cancellation of the Sanya race this month, it’s no doubt the Team are looking forward to the chance to regroup and prepare for the Rome E-Prix on 4 April. As we approach the Rome E-Prix, make sure to follow Vestas’ social media channels for live insight and coverage leading up to and during the race! Find us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter, and don’t forget to show your support for Mercedes-Benz EQ Formula E drivers by giving them a #FANBOOST here.

If you missed out on the action on race day, you can catch all the highlights here.